In the air with an ES-335 or his ’70s Gibson SG is where you can find Jordan Cook at a Reignwolf live show.
Photo by Omar Kasrawi

A guitarist with a reputation for intense performances heads into the studio with seven years of pent-up live energy and delivers a hard-rocking debut, Hear Me Out.

Jordan Cook is used to getting a little beaten up on tour. The Reignwolf singer and guitarist has developed a penchant for stage diving and crowd work, establishing a roughhouse reputation that sometimes catches up to him. During the band’s stint at this year’s South by Southwest, a few days before our interview, things got extra crazy and Cook fell from stage during his third show of the day. “At SXSW, it’s normal to do two or three shows a day and, with our types of shows, that’s not normal,” he explains. While it took him a few days to recover, he was quick to say he just needed to “shake it off” and to talk about his next jaunt on the road.

Reignwolf’s rough-and-tumble live performances have, until now, been the primary way that fans could hear the band. Since creating Reignwolf in Seattle in 2012, Cook has intentionally held back on recording a full-length album, preferring to release a few singles, play live, and let videos of those performances do most of the work in spreading the word. While it may seem like an unusual approach to take in 2019, the band’s stints touring as a supporting act for mega-bands like Pixies and Black Sabbath prove that Cook is onto something.

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Derek Lynch

Hobo Johnson and the LoveMarkers' Derek Lynch

It's been a wild ride for Hobo Johnson & the LoveMakers this year, ever since Hobo and his crew made a single-shot video for NPR's Tiny Desk series. They eventually lost out in the finals, but the video garnered millions of views and earned them a Tiny Desk slot. Guitarist Derek Lynch is seen here with his all-stock Olympic white Fender American Professional Jaguar.