reverend horton heat

Reverend Horton Heat has started to space his album releases out a little more. “It was almost pissing off our fans,” he says with a laugh. “We used to release a new album like every two years, but when we’d play the new songs live, it would be a train wreck.” Photo by Gene Ambo

When it comes to the Reverend Horton Heat’s gear, his new album, or his live show, you can be sure everything is cranked to 10.

With a music video featuring Bettie Page-esque pin-up girls salaciously caressing hot dogs and bananas and lyrics referencing the fine art of “choking the chicken,” Reverend Horton Heat’s “Let Me Teach You How to Eat” is meant to arouse more than just epicures. The song’s origins were innocent—but in the sinister mind of the Reverend, aka Jim Heath, things got twisted.

“The guy [Russell David Hobbs] who actually gave me the name Reverend Horton Heat is a Bohemian-esque guru who had a bar called the Prophet Bar,” says Heath. “He got on this macrobiotic eating kick. One day he asked, ‘What did you eat today?’ I said, ‘I went to the Gold Rush and had whatever.’ He said, ‘Jim, let me teach you how to eat,’ and started taking about all these crazy new age foods. I thought to myself, ‘If I didn’t know how to eat already, I’d be dead.’ But I turned that into a song about sex.”

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