short scale

Unlike other early LaBoz models, this Bison was made at the Shinko Gakki factory and has the Laboz family name on the headstock.

Given today’s quality control, it’s now less of a risk for a guitarist to shop online, purchasing models they’ve never actually played. That, of course, wasn’t the case when this column’s guitar was made.

The other day, I was at one of my local brick-and-mortar guitar stores, and was having a ton of fun playing a few of the guitars and amps there. A customer had recently brought in an early 1960s Danelectro (the Jimmy Page model) and a cool Valco-made National Reso-Phonic. I had a blast putting these guitars through the motions with some vintage amps, and I have to say that the National’s short scale was really short! I always forget how strange short-scale guitars feel until I play one. It always makes me feel extra large! Ha!

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