Photo by Chiara D’Anzieri

With his latest release, FOREGROUND MUSIC, the singer-songwriter muses through his stress, anxiety, and sociopolitical unrest to reflect back to listeners their own human experience.

Ron Gallo has a quick answer when asked what went into his latest record, the cheekily titled full-length FOREGROUND MUSIC. “Pure, daily, existential crisis,” the Philadelphia-based musician says in a flat, sarcastic tone.

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New Dynamic Presence for Stage and Studio?

Not Your Ordinary Mic

If you’re the kind of player who does a few gigs a month in a club setting, your ears probably are “tuned” to Shure’s pair of old standby mics – the SM57 and the SM58. The familiar ball-end SM58 covers all your vocal duties while the straight-end SM57 finds itself in front of anything without lips, from amps to drums to horns and more.

What do your ears hear with these mics? First off, you’ll get a proximity effect, with the low end growing bigger as you move in. And then there’s the presence peak, with the upper mids bumped up to add crispness and clarity.

If this description matches your experience with mics, then the Heil PR30 will catch you a bit off guard. It has no presence peak. And it has no noticeable proximity effect.

In essence, its frequency response is flat – something alien to most musicians’ ears.

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