stomp audio labs

A versatile and well-built combination of up-and-down octave and powerful fuzz.

Stomp Audio Labs’ all-analog Octopus produces awesome weaves and webs of fuzzy octaves. It enables these impressive harmonic entanglements through parallel, blendable, octave-up and octave-down circuits. But it takes these textures many steps further by providing a switchable fuzz for each octave and a powerful master mix control. If you’ve ever needed to move from the bassy growl of an analog synth to the squawk of vintage fuzz or the robotic chirp of chiptunes, this little gadget dishes the whole party platter.

Octaves With Ease
The Octopus’ simple but effective control layout looks unorthodox. But the asymmetrically large mix knob—which blends octave effects with your dry signal—invites expressive, on-the-fly adjustments with your foot. The two smaller knobs alter the level of each octave effect, and small buttons adjacent to each octave level knob engage dedicated fuzz circuits. Needless to say, the possible tone variations from these five simple controls are vast. A side-mounted 9V barrel adapter (center-pin negative) can be used to power the unit, or you can use a 9V battery to produce the juice.

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