the meters

Featuring a NOLA-inspired finish and a lowered frequency range for warm grooves, the Leo Nocentelli Cry Baby Mardi Gras Wah pays tribute to a master of funk.

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Porter has a variety of off-the-shelf and custom instruments, but he's mostly seen onstage with a Fender P bass. He also has one of the first 100 Telecaster basses produced in Fullerton, California. This photo was taken at a Runnin' Pardners show at the original Brooklyn Bowl in 2016.

Six decades ago, George Porter Jr. invented Crescent City groove music with the Meters. On his new album, Crying for Hope, he's still carrying the grease.

Every morning at 6:45, bass luminary George Porter Jr.'s late wife's dog, Ms. Vicki, tugs at him to feed her and take her out. That's early as hell for most musicians, but perfectly fine for Porter, because when Ms. Vicki is busy doing number two, Porter is busy getting into his creative zone. In 2020, Porter used that small daily window of time to craft the bass lines for the songs on Crying for Hope, his latest release with his band the Runnin' Pardners.

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