DrowningInGuitars.com’s Frank Meyers got hooked on weird guitars as a kid and never looked back. Here are some of the most bizarre guitars he’s come across in more than 30 years of collecting.

The seed for my guitar obsession was planted way back in the mid ’80s, when my mom got me an old, used Japanese guitar. Man, I really loved that guitar, even though it was tough to play. The intonation was off, and every electrical connection was scratchy and quirky. But it was my first guitar, and just like your first love, there’s a lifelong connection there.

That first guitar was a Marvel EJ2, and it was pretty unique. It didn’t look like the pointy “super strats” that were so popular at the time. In fact, my Marvel didn’t look like any guitar I’d ever seen. I was proud of that slab of wood with the gold-foil pickups!

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