The two events will henceforth be held alternately

Montreal, QC (November 17, 2011) — Organizers of the Healdsburg Guitar Festival in California and of the Montreal Guitar Show are pleased to announce their alliance, combining their forces to better promote the guitar, the craft/art of lutherie, and the exceptional creative talents of the people behind it. As a result, the two events will henceforth be held alternately: as of 2012, the Montreal Guitar Show will be held every second year in Montreal, alternating with the Healdsburg Guitar Festival in Santa Rosa, California, which will be held in odd-numbered years.

The idea of presenting the two events in alternating years was conceived to allow luthiers to better present their products in successive turns rather than divide them between the two events. This association will be a major asset for the luthier milieu, opening up new horizons for the artists and craftsmen involved and encouraging exchanges and networking between the many diverse players in lutherie worldwide. Moving forward, each of the shows will promote the other event, increasing their impact and value.

The Healdsburg Guitar Festival (held in Santa Rosa, California) and the Montreal Guitar Show are the two most renowned and prestigious hand-made guitar shows in the world. They offer luthiers and musicians, both amateur and professional, the opportunity to meet, exchange thoughts and feelings on their art, and build professional links. Guitar enthusiasts meet to admire, try out and purchase the world’s most beautiful guitars, all of them hand-made by expert luthiers. A wide variety of instruments are available: acoustic, classical, archtop, gypsy and electric. Present also are vendors of a wide variety of guitar accessories plus concerts and workshops by some of the world’s most respected and sought after guitarists and instructors.

The 6th edition of the Montreal Guitar Show, presented as part of the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal, will be held in Montreal from June 29 to July 1, 2012. The 7th will be held from June 27 to 29, 2014. The next Healdsburg Guitar Festival is slated for mid-August of 2013 at the Hyatt Vineyard Creek hotel in Santa Rosa, California (firm dates have not yet been determined).

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New bracing and pickups make this mid-priced take on a Gretsch classic a lively and engaging inspiration machine.

Smooth playability on par with much more expensive instruments. Airy, open pickup sounds with lots of clean-to-mean latitude.

Blue finish is pretty but thick in spots. Vintage sticklers might miss some old-school Filter’Tron bite.


Gretsch 5420T


Though big hollowbodies like the Gretsch 6120 are beautiful and an essential ingredient in countless classic records, they can be a tricky playing experience for the uninitiated. Navigable fretboard space is limited by solidbody standards. Big bodies can feel bulky. They’re sometimes feedback prone in high-volume situations, too. Consequently, I’ve watched many solidbody-oriented chums who rarely play hollowbodies handle a big Gretsch with the baffled look of a spacefarer deciphering an alien tongue.

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Marty Stuart

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How does a legacy artist stay on top of his game? The pianist, hit singer-songwriter, producer, and composer talks about the importance of musical growth and positive affirmation; his love for angular melodicism; playing jazz, pop, classical, bluegrass, jam, and soundtrack music; and collaborating with his favorite guitarists, including Pat Metheny and Jerry Garcia.

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