Guitarist Tom Dempsey and bassist Tim Ferguson Webcast February 21

Tom Dempsey and Tim FergusonNew York City, NY (February 20, 2008) -- Veteran National Guitar Workshop faculty members Tom Dempsey (guitar) and Tim Ferguson (bass) are appearing in two free online performance/clinics at WorkshopLive on February 21. Dempsey and Ferguson will share their approaches to jazz improvisation and field questions during a Livecast.

The first performance, "The Art of Melodic Jazz Improvisation for Guitarists and Bassists," will air at 7:30 p.m. EST. Dempsey and Ferguson plan to share their approaches to jazz improvisation. Through this session, viewers can learn to take standard chord progressions found in jazz and create melodic improvisations through the use of diatonic scales, arpeggios, melodic development, rhythmic motifs and repetition. The idea is to learn how to stop thinking and start creating musical improvisations.

In the 9:00 p.m. EST session, "Adding Chromaticism and Accompaniment to Jazz Improvisation for Guitarists and Bassists," Dempsey and Ferguson will pick up on the material covered in the 7:30 session and show you how to use chromaticism in creative ways to enhance melodic solos. The focus will be on using your ears to bring out your internal musical voice and create great improvisations. A portion of this session will also focus on how to accompany yourself as you improvise. The ultimate goal is to bring together your melodic, harmonic and rhythmic knowledge to create musical performances.

For more information:
Workshop Live, Tim Ferguson''s Website or Tom Dempsey''s Website.

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