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Walter Becker


Walter Becker’s 1968 Ampeg AMUB-1 Bass homepage

Walter Becker’s 1968 Ampeg AMUB-1 Bass

May 31, 2020
We're not sure which recordings the Steely Dan legend used it on, if any, but that doesn't mean it's not a fascinating find!
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Walter Becker: 1950-2017

September 5, 2017
Steely Dan’s guitar stylist, arranger, and songwriter blended blues and jazz with sardonic wit—and never hesitated to share the spotlight.
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10 Pro Pedalboards Revealed

10 Pro Pedalboards Revealed

February 10, 2012
We recently combed through all the pedalboards we’ve seen in the last year of Rig Rundown video shoots to bring you the 10 most stacked rigs we’ve encountered across a range of genres.
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