December 2020

Leslie West


Mad Professor Double Moon

First Look: Mad Professor Double Moon

July 15, 2019
With 11 different modulation sounds under its hood, the Finnish tone-chaser's newest box bridges classic faux Leslie and spacey swoosh sounds to the wobbly weirdness needed for the 21st-century guitarist.
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Staff Picks: Remembering Les Paul

December 13, 2015
Leslie West joins PG staff in sharing our favorite memories of the guitar godfather.
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Leslie West: “Going Down” Exclusive Song Premiere

November 10, 2015
After 50 years fusing power blues, soul, and hard rock, the guitar juggernaut is releasing his 16th solo album.
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Hail to the Mountain King: an interview with Leslie West

May 12, 2008
Just like the seasons, musicians come and go, but only mountains of their genre make a lasting effect. Leslie West has been in the business for more than half his life and takes a few moments to sit down and talk with Premier Guitar.
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