Play Like Paisley!

Here’s how to create ripping pull-off licks, percussive rhythm riffs, and melodic lead lines inspired by one of Nashville’s hottest Tele players.

Chops: Intermediate
Theory: Beginner
Lesson Overview:
• Discover backward pick scrapes.
• Create blistering pull-off licks.
• Develop faux G-bender phrases.
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When you listen to Brad Paisley play guitar, you feel two things. The first is unmitigated joy at the creativity and expression in his playing. But then the second creeps in, which is frustration over not understanding what he does.

I’ve felt those things, and over years of hacking away at solo after solo I’ve noticed some of Brad’s patterns and habits. Some are as difficult as they sound, but many of them are actually within reach of us mortals. Let’s focus on some of Brad’s signature techniques that we can adapt to our own playing right away.

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Behind every radio hit is a group of guitarists who've created ear-catching parts. Check out these tips and tricks used by some of Music City’s most in-demand sidemen.



• Learn how to use "box" patterns to create licks in different keys.
• Understand how to use open-string drones to create signature parts.
• Hone your ability to play melodic slide-guitar textures.

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I feel a little embarrassed when people ask me about my guitar influences. I can't claim expertise of Hendrix, I haven't spent hours woodshedding Eric Johnson, and I couldn't tell you the first thing about how to play like David Gilmour. My influences are more behind the scenes, lurking in the shadows of the music industry. They don't have big names, but they are monster players. I'm talking about the number one, most honest influence on my guitar playing: Nashville session guitarists.

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