See the boutique amps, guitars, and effects on display at this year''s L.A. Amp Show.

"Nace Amps debuted the new M1-18R, a twin EL84-powered lunchbox head that features a unique Baxandall EQ, and was designed from the ground up to have a unique voice in the 18-watt market. Retail is $1,199."

Mason Stoops and Lindsey Hastings are back from their trip to NAMM and divulge the dirty details on hanging with PG staff, the stress of being in front of the camera, and the gear that caught their eyes at the show.

Let’s be frank. We were a bit shocked that our video, the video filmed 12 hours before, edited four hours before, and submitted 10 minutes before the deadline, actually won the Premier Guitar Editor for a Day contest. This isn’t because we’re fantastic procrastinators (well maybe a little), but because we doubted that we could actually win.

At 20, Mason has been playing guitar for six years and going to Winter NAMM for four of them. It’s definitely fair to say that when that time of year comes around, he’s more excited than at Christmas (and Mason does enjoy a good Christmas). Even though I am not a musician myself, I have visited the convention several times with my father throughout my adolescence. Fun as it was, I never categorized the experience to be more than a mild enjoyment that came and went. However, dating someone like Mason sort of takes that perspective and tosses it in the garbage.

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