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Vega-Trem | NAMM 2022

Vega-Trem | NAMM 2022
Vega-Trem VT1 & VT2 Demos | NAMM 2022

Check out a demo of a high-tech tremolo and get a sneak peak of a newly designed setup for T-style addicts.

Vt1 Ultratrem

You wanted a floating bridge that did not force you to drill into or modify your beloved ST guitar, so we did it. You desired a vibrato bridge that did not stick out more than the original bridge, and here it is. You imagined total freedom of movement and a whammy bar that never caused bother and here it is. You fantasized about a tremolo free of unwanted noises and now that dream has come true. You wanted to get rid of the hassle of microtuners. You have it.
Welcome to the VT1 UltraTrem: the tremolo, reinvented