The Big 5

Billy Howerdel on Going Through 137 Les Pauls to Find “The One” | The Big 5

Plus, the A Perfect Circle guitarist on how tech-ing for Nine Inch Nails was like “going to work in a flamethrower factory.”

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Tropa Magica’s David Pacheco on the Power of Distorted Delays

How a Jazzmaster and unorthodox echo placement help the bandleader fuse psych-rock and cumbia.

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Pup’s Steve Sladkowski: “Backstage, I Warm Up Playing Fiddle Music”

The pop-punk vet on trying to Travis-pick like Doc Watson, and the avant-jazz and country roots of his Telecaster love.

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Neal Schon on Collecting Vintage Guitars: “It’s Addicting—My Wife Wanted to Kill Me” | The Big 5

Plus! The Journey legend talks about the short-scale Custom Shop Strat currently rocking his world.

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