The Big 5

“It’s the Ultimate Bling Guitar” | Kirk Fletcher Big 5

Bluesman Kirk Fletcher on his favorite Gibson ES-345 mods, and why we all need to push the soul “button” more.

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“Malcolm Young Is the Benchmark for Everything”—God Is an Astronaut & the Big 5!
Plus, Torsten & Niels Kinsella and Jamie Dean detail the modded Fender guitars that power their atmospheric post-rock.
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Phil Collen on What Your Vibrato Says About Your Ego
Plus, what the longtime Def Leppard guitarist found he has in common with Satriani, Petrucci, Page, Beck, and May.
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The Les Paul with a Backup … Output Jack? | Dropkick Murphys' Big 5
Dropkick Murphys’ James Lynch on the cleverly hidden 1/4" jack on his go-to guitar. Plus, the sage advice from his dad that formed the foundation of his success.
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