Xotic Announces XJ-1T 4-String Bass

Xotic follows up their 5-String Jazz-style bass with a new 4-string model

Anaheim, CA (January 13, 2010) -- Xotic Guitars is building upon the success of last year's XJ-1T 5-string Jazz-type bass with the release of the new XJ-1T 4-string bass for 2010. The XJ-1T 4-string features an ash body and maple neck with Lindy Fralin JB pickups.
Here are the specs for the new model:
COLOR: Yellow Blond,Walnut Blond
NECK: 22F Maple/Maple
NUT: Pure Bone
FRET: Jescar Silver Nickel (#6150 type)
PICKUP: Lindy Fralin JB 4-st
TUNER: HipShot Ultra Light
BRIDGE: HipShot4 string A Brass Chrome
CONTROL: 2 Vol, 1 Tone, 3-Band EQ Xotic Bass Preamp (4-mid frequency Switch, Output Gain Control)
SWITCH: Pull 1st Vol for Passive/Active, 2nd Vol for Single/Humbucking
STRINGS: D'Addario
PRICE: $2,700
XOTIC BASS PREAMP: Three Band EQ (high, mid, low) boost & cut. Center position produces flat, unaltered sound, with no added tonal coloration.

* Mid selector switches for a choice of four different pre-set mid frequencies, from low-mid to high-mid (located in back panel for easy access).
* Pre-set gain control to boost gain by one to three times (located in back panel for easy access).
* 18V drive is for more headroom, which allows incoming signals to pass through cleanly, without clipping the high-end or low-end frequencies.(Requires two 9V batteries)
Xotic Bass Preamp:Three Band EQ (high, mid, low) boost & cut. Center position produces flat, unaltered sound, with no added tonal coloration.

Xotic Bass Preamp Frequency Specification
HIGH: @10kHz, +14dB, -12dB
MID1 (Mid select switches: sw1-off, sw2-off): @3kHz, +9dB, -9dB
MID2 (Mid select switches: sw1-on, sw2-off): @1kHz, +12dB, -10dB
MID3 (Mid select switches: sw1-off, sw2-on): @800Hz, +4dB, -4dB
MID4 (Mid select switches: sw1-on, sw2-on): @400Hz, +8dB, -10dB
LOW: @20Hz, +10dB, -10dB

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