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ZenTone’s New 7 Watt Amp

Class-A amp with 64 presets and MIDI

Camarillo, CA (December 11, 2007) - The new ZenTone7 is a seven watt class-A 300V tube amp based on classic designs. This latest version features a low power mode and an output tube triode mode which can bring the output power down to 3 watts or lower. As a practice or recording amp, you can get great output tube overdrive at low volume settings or while sending the direct output signal to a mixing board or audio interface device.

The ZenTone7 also provides the convenience of storing your tube amp settings in one of 64 preset locations, effectively creating a 64-channel tube amp. You can select a single stage preamp or a dual stage preamp using one of three preamp gain structures. It also contains a classic British tone stack design for that vintage sound. You can select between an EL84 output tube or an octal output tube on the fly. With the internal speaker load and speaker emulation circuit, the XLR or unbalanced direct output captures the tone of the entire tube amp signal path including the output transformer without the need for an external speaker.

The ZenTone7’s included footswitch allows you to select presets or presets with other parameters from an external MIDI source. The ZenTone7 comes with Windows editing software, allowing the amp to be completely controlled via MIDI.


7 watt class-A single-ended amp head (can switch to 3 watts or lower)
Authentic 300V tube amp signal path based on classic designs
Two 12AX7 preamp tubes (can sub w/ 12AT7, 12AU7, 12AY7, 12AZ7 tubes)
3 preamp gain structures
Switch between EL84 or octal output tube
Octal tube socket can accept 6V6 (included), 6L6, EL34 or KT77 output tubes without re-biasing
Select output tube Pentode mode or Triode mode for a darker tone with more compression and lower power
Gain, bass, mid, treble and master volume controls
Bright switch
All control values can be stored in 64 preset locations
Unbalanced and XLR direct outputs with level control
Direct out contains entire tube signal path from the input to the speaker output
Built-in classic Greenback reactive speaker load when external speaker is unplugged
Direct out has speaker emulation frequency curve
Direct out level control can act like a power attenuator allowing you to overdrive the output tube
Cycle through presets or different groups of presets using the included external footswitch
Preset zero is a true bypass from input to unbalanced direct output
MIDI input for selecting presets or controlling any parameter
DC tube filaments for reduced noise

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