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10 Clip-On Guitar Tuners You Should Use

10 Clip-On Guitar Tuners You Should Use

Peterson StroboClip
• Calibration: 400 Hz - 490 Hz
• Peterson rates precision +/-0.1 cent
• Includes “Sweetened Tunings” for various acoustic instruments (banjos, ukuleles, etc.)
• SUS feature for extended note readout for instruments with small amounts of sustain
The reputation of Peterson tuners is well-deserved. From the immensely popular StroboStomp pedal to the Strobe Center 5000-II, their tuners sit on the benches and pedalboards of some finest guitarists and guitar techs in the world, and with good reason—they’re incredibly precise. Peterson’s StroboClip tuner packs the 1/10 cent tuning accuracy that all of their tuning devices possess, along with a plethora of features and facets that you probably won’t ever use—but they’re readily available if you need them.

The StroboClip felt like a solid piece of kit in my hand, with a firm grip when clipped to my fingers, and a bright, powerful readout on its LCD. All of the unit’s buttons are easily visible and accessible from the top of the panel, except for the power button, which was placed directly on the front. Both the tree and the screen could be moved and tilted for 360 degree movement, a major plus for convenient placement.

Embedded in the StroboClip are 39 calibrated tuning modes for a wide range of instruments—including guitars, banjos, basses, woodwinds, orchestral stringed instruments, and even sitars. After clipping the metal-faced gadget to the headstock of the Martin and going through the tuning process, it really gave the built-in F1 Aura a run for its money. When the F1 Aura registered the guitar perfectly in tune, the StroboClip countered with a reading of being off by fractions of cents. Even the PolyTune—which was plugged directly into the Tele—had issues keeping up with the StroboClip. Every string I plucked registered on the StroboClip with such pinpoint accuracy, that it was almost maddening getting the strobe to sit perfectly still.

Street: $69.99

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