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Quick Hit: D’Addario NS Micro Universal Tuner Review

Ultra-small headstock tuner can move like a yogi while performing spot-on tuning.

D’Addario’s new NS Micro Universal Tuner is indeed micro. I have normal-sized hands and can fit the unit in one palm, wrap my fingers around it, and make it completely disappear. This also means it’s ultra discreet when attached to a headstock. Factor in the dual-swivel clip-on mount and the ability to spin the tuning unit 360 degrees, and I was able to place the tuner on multiple spots of the headstock with great command in reaching my preferred viewing angle. The reversible LCD screen, while only about the size of an almond at best, provides a pretty stellar readout through a brightly lit, intuitive 3-color display that will handily conquer darker stages. Tuning is accurate, fast, and easy, and the built-in metronome is a nice bonus. And this little tuner provides a calibration range of 410 Hz to 480 Hz for those who like to venture from standard A440. If you tend to lose things like car keys and other small items like I often do, that could be an issue given the tuner’s size. But at 17 bucks, you can always grab a couple.

Test Gear: 2005 Larrivée Parlor, 2014 Breedlove Pursuit, 2001 Fender Precision


Very small. Accurate. Relatively unlimited viewing angles possible. Wide calibration range.

Easy to misplace. Clip strength could be a little stronger.


D’Addario NS Micro Universal Tuner

Ease of Use: