These locking machine heads use a 3-step button, 18:1 Rotomatic design, and a “thumb screw” mechanism.

Cleveland, OH (March 2, 2021) -- Adding to the company’s line of quality guitar accessories Grover Musical Products is proud to introduce the Roto-Grip Locking Super Rotomatics (509 Series).

The newest addition to the Grover family, these locking machine heads with a 3-step button gives this machine a distinctive look and utilizes the famous 18:1 Rotomatic design with a “thumb screw” mechanism which locks the string into place. Insert the string through the post hole, wrap around once, then lock by tightening with the thumb screw. Perfect replacement for the most standard machine heads. Includes all mounting hardware.

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This sleek clip-on makes easy work of precise strobe tuning for any stringed instrument.

It goes without saying that Peterson knows a thing or two about tuners. Using the word “pioneering” to describe the company would hardly be an overstatement. And sure, you can find a clip-on tuner for 10 bucks or even a serviceable smart-phone tuner for free—and they will help you tune your guitar, to a degree—but that’s not an apples-to-apples comparison with Peterson’s StroboClip HD. This tuner is whole-’nother-level stuff.

First, the StroboClip HD is made of plastic, like most in its class, but this tuner is solid. The clamp jaw, padding, 3-point swivel mechanism, buttons, and screen feel as precise as the 0.1 cents tuning accuracy it delivers. Speaking of the high-def screen, it’s wide, crystal clear, and void of blinking lights or multiple colors—just clean and intuitive. So for anyone who has steered clear of strobe tuners in the past because they seemed confusing, no need to stress here.

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The tuner boasts 430-450Hz pitch range and +/-0.5 cent tuning tolerance.

Berlin, CT (February 16, 2018) -- On-Stage, the musical accessories division of The Music People, introduces the GTP7000 Mini Pedal Tuner, another new addition to its growing lineup of electronic accessories.

Powered by a 9V DC adapter, the On-Stage GTP7000 chromatic tuner boasts 430-450Hz pitch range and +/-0.5 cent tuning tolerance. Compact but rugged, the GTP7000’s oversized, high visibility, four color, strobe or half strobe display provides super clear note name indication, while true bypass circuitry ensures absolute signal integrity.

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