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Quick Hit: Korg Pitchclip 2+ Review

Quick Hit: Korg Pitchclip 2+ Review

Clip on, tune up, play guitar.



Stealthy and simple. Legible display for its size.

No metronome function.


Korg Pitchclip 2+

Ease of Use:



So, what can be said about a tuner as long as it, well, tunes? Plenty, because tuners come in all shapes and sizes, varying options, varying speeds, and, most importantly, different levels of accuracy. If you’re content with a $6 tuner and it’s working for you, excellent! Otherwise, there’s a pretty cool, new, upgraded clip-on in town.

Korg’s Pitchclip 2+ is a super light, small-yet-highly-readable headstock tuner. I love tech, but my eyesight sucks, so as much as I appreciate super-small clip-on tuners, I prefer to not have to squint or adjust my body to get my eyes closer to the headstock. The Korg Pitchclip 2+. has more than double the LEDs of its predecessor, and while small and stealthy, its readout is easy to decipher, even without my glasses. The clamping mechanism is robust, and there is plenty of play in the display’s maneuverability to get a good viewing angle. Southpaws will dig the tuner’s reversible readout—a must for clip-on tuners these days.

As for speed, the calibration-adjustable Pitchclip 2+ is faster than my brain, and isn’t glitchy or temperamental (unlike my brain, on occasion), so there were no issues with lag. The strobe mode offers the tuner’s highest level of accuracy at +/- 1 cent, and worked equally well on a ukulele, guitar, and bass. Korg reports detection enhancement for lower frequencies, and while I don’t typically play 5- or 6-string basses, dropping to C on my go-to Precision didn’t faze the Pitchclip 2+ at all. Three words: great stocking stuffer!

Test gear: Fender Precision, Les Stansell tenor uke, Dell’Arte Dark Eyes, Larrivée P-01