Wu-Lu favors Fender guitars for their bolt-on necks, and runs them through a thick layer of fuzz before they’re channeled through various amps, including a Roland JC-120.

Photo by Fabrice Bourgelle

On Loggerhead, Miles Romans-Hopcraft chops and dices his own improv jam sessions—sampling his personal archives to create a new synthesis of hip-hop, jazz, grunge rock and more, all wrapped in a punk ethos.

South London artist Miles Romans-Hopcraft works under the moniker Wu-Lu. His pseudonym is a play on the Amharic word for water, wuha, but modified to avoid confusion with the Busta Rhymes track, “Woo-Hah!! Got You All in Check.” It’s a fitting handle, too, in that, like water, it’s indicative of Wu-Lu’s form-fitting, genre-fluid adaptability.

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The clip-on tuner and spring-loaded capo are the latest additions to Rotosound''s accessory line.

United Kingdom (December 5, 2011) -- Rotosound has announced two new additions to its growing line of guitar accessories: the Guitar Tuner/Chord Finder and the Guitar Capo.

Rotosound Guitar Tuner/Chord Finder
The Guitar Tuner/Chord Finder works simply by clipping the unit to the nstrument where it picks up the string vibrations. When a note is played the clear LCD screen displays how close you are to having that string in tune.

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We test out headstock tuners from Korg, Meisel, Intellitouch, Fishman, GFS, Seiko, Rotosound, Snark, Planet Waves, and Peterson.

For musicians, there is no accessory more important than a tuner. Most professional musicians will tell you that keeping your instrument in tune at all times is among the most important pieces of playing, if not the most important. Playing out of tune will quickly label you as an amateur, no matter how impressive your chops are.

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