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10 Klon-Style Pedals That Are Far More Than Clones

10 Klon-Style Pedals That Are Far More Than Clones

When is a horse not a horse? When it's a clone, of course, and these are not one-trick ponies.

For years, decades even, the search for a passable version of the mythical Klon Centaur that doesn’t break the bank has been a popular pastime for gearheads. Below, I’ve listed 10 options that not only hang with original horsies, but in some ways improve on them.

Origin Effects Halcyon Gold

This tricked-out design combines the characteristics of the classic sound, but with an added dry control, two different midrange settings, and the company’s patented adaptive circuitry.

$299 street

Wampler Tumnus Deluxe

The most welcome addition in this souped-up version is an extremely robust 3-band EQ that allows you to fine-tune your sound. It also includes two different gain settings and a switchable buffered bypass.

$199 street

TC Electronic Zeus Drive

A rather faithful recreation of the original at an incredible price. It mimics the same control set but adds a fat switch to boost your low end.

$79 street

Electro-Harmonix Soul Food

One of the initial budget-friendly emulations, this no-frills design is built like a tank and can cop the vintage-sound tones—all without a four-figure price tag.

$101 street

MXR M294 Sugar Drive

MXR M294 Sugar Drive

This mini-sized stomp offers an essential ingredient in any Klon-style emulation: The drive knob doubles as a mix control. Plus, there’s a voltage doubler inside for increased headroom.

$129 street

J Rockett Audio Archer Select

This is essentially a “greatest hits” of K-style overdrive tones. It comes loaded with seven different clipping diodes, a dedicated DI with cab emulation, and a ground if things get noisy.

$329 street

Ceriatone Horsebreaker

Not only does this two-in-one pedal offer a highly accurate K-style overdrive, it’s paired with a Bluesbreaker-style drive with independent controls and a buffer switch. Bonus: You can choose the order of the effects via a small toggle.

$260 street

Mythos Effects Mjolnir

Sporting a period-correct visual aesthetic, here’s Mythos’ take on the mythical overdrive. The current design offers a tweaked EQ and more headroom.

$199 street

PRS Horsemeat

PRS Horsemeat

One of the company’s first effects pedals, this expanded take on K-style dirt includes the typical controls, but also makes use of a voice knob which jockeys the frequency response in the clipping stage.

$249 street

Keeley Oxblood

Robert Keeley’s reimagining of the mythical circuit offers a wealth of new options, including a phat switch for increased bass response, two different clipping modes, and voltage doubling.

$199 street