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2010 New "Gears" Resolutions

Share your gear or playing resolutions for 2010

Marion, IA (January 1, 2010) -- It's a new year and new decade, which means it's time to make those never-kept resolutions. We've polled the office and Twitter community to come up with some of our staff and friends' New "Gears" Resolutions. Here are ours -- what are yours?

Joe Coffey(PG Editorial Director)
Total reorganization of my rig

Brandon Brinson(PG Multimedia Communications Specialist)
Find a guitar teacher (potential check! already), learn to shred. Also, buy the gear I've been jonesing for for years...

Chris Kies (PG Associate Editor)
Work on playing slide.

Steve Ouimette (PG Columnist & Reviewer)
Sell off every piece of gear that lies dormant for more than six months.

Bob Cianci (PG Contributor)
Take my Epiphone Collegiate guitar to a gig and smash it at the end of "My Generation."

@iheartguitar(via Twitter)
My resolution is to finish my CD. It's about 60% done.

@stynec(via Twitter)
Working on simplicity. Also, trying to stay content and get the most with the gear(pedals) that I have!

@willfugate(via Twitter)
I want the Ibanez Paul Gilbert flanger pedal.

@catire98(via Twitter)
NYE wishes: new mancave, new acustic, custom electric, bass amp, trade old amps for new ones and start playing again

@CJBadge(via Twitter)
Practice more fingerpicking, ala Jeff Beck and Mark Knopfler.

What is yours?