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3rd Power to Introduce American Dream 112 at Summer NAMM

3rd Power to Introduce American Dream 112 at Summer NAMM

The new all-tube combo amp features tones similar to the ''62 Brownface and ''65 Blackface amps.

Franklin, TN (June 16, 2010) -- 3rd Power Amplification will introduce the American Dream 112 at the Summer NAMM show in Nashville.

It includes a Brownface channel, Blackface channel, switchable tube output power (22w/10w), Bright switch on each channel, and global Presence control. The amp also features 3rd Power's proprietary Switchback  triangular speaker enclosure to deliver room-filling sound while isolating the chassis and sensitive tubes from vibrations originating with the speaker.

  • output architecture: (2) winged C 6L6GC tubes
  • plate voltage: 120V AC input yields ~430 V DC plate voltage
  • power output: selectable 22 or 10 watts
  • output impedance: discreet 16, 8 and 4 Ohm outputs
  • internal speaker: 8 Ohm, Celestion Vintage 30 (standard) 8 Ohm, Celestion Alnico Gold (upgrade)
  • input architecture: AC biased (1) 12AT7, (2) 12AX7
  • dimensions (WxHxD): 25 x22.85 x10.5 in.
  • weight: 57 lb.

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