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Amptweaker Announces Bass TightDrive Pedal

Amptweaker Announces Bass TightDrive Pedal

Legendary amp designer James Brown tweaks his debut pedal, the TightDrive, for bass.

Batavia, OH (May 6, 2010) -- Legendary amp designer James Brown's new company Amptweaker has released a bass version of the TightDrive overdrive, the company's first pedal. Brown says that he received inquiries as to whether the TightDrive would work with bass, so he enlisted the assistance of Greg Weeks (bassist of the Red Chord), who suggested tweaks. The result is the Bass TightDrive, which extends the range of the controls lower into the bass frequency range.

The features of the Bass TightDrive are identical to the guitar version, including the Tight Control, which allows the player to adjust the attack from a big, thumpy, more traditional-sounding bottom end to a tight, chunky, more aggressive attack that's more akin to guitar tone.

Another very popular feature is the effects loop on the back of the pedal, with a Pre/Post switch that moves the position of the loop to before or after the distortion. This gives the player an easy way to build a ‘boost chain’ of effects and eq, and can even be used along with an outboard mixer pedal to blend in some dry bass tone when the Bass TightDrive is on.

Other features include a magnetic sliding battery door that requires no tools to access, and LED lighting on the knobs for dark stages. There’s also a battery switch so there’s no need to unplug the input cable after the gig. All this is housed in a 14 gauge steel chassis that is ergonomically designed to prevent knob breakage, and to allow for easier footswitching.

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