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Amptweaker Introduces TightBoost Pedal

TightBoost is a variation on the TIghtDrive with a cleaner boost and parked wah feature.

Batavia, OH (August 23, 2010) -- Amptweaker has announced the latest pedal created under amp guru James Brown's model of using guitarist feedback: the TightBoost. The TightBoost is a variation on the company's original pedal, the TightDrive. The TightBoost provides a cleaner boost with more output level and much less distortion than the TightDrive. The TightBoost uses the same distortion methods as the TightDrive, so the pedal provides a warm, tube-like breakup when driven hard.

Amptweaker says that one requested feature was to make a pedal that provides the tone of a parked wah pedal. In that spirit, the TightBoost incorporates this into its Mid EW control, which gradually becomes a "more peaky" mid-boos and gradually blends in the wah sound without removing the high end. Different amounts of wah are available by using the High and Tight controls.

The pedal maintains many of the features of the TightDrive, including the Effects Loop with Pre/Post switch, illuminated controls, and battery on/off switch. Amptweaker is still in the finalization stages of the pedal and is taking additional suggestions and feedback in its development.

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