Euphonic Audio Micro
The Euphonic Audio Micro is designed for both electric and acoustic bassists, with each of its two channels tweaked for one or the other. Channel 1 is designed for electric bass, with a midrange center-frequency of 500 Hz. Channel 2 is for acoustic bass, with a midrange center at 800 Hz and a variable, high-pass filter that trims the low end rumble that the big basses tend to put out with their piezo pickups. Each channel has simple Low, Mid, and High EQ controls with cut and boost on each.

A momentary-contact switch by the input jacks toggles between the two channels, which helps simplify doubling at a gig. If only one bass is plugged in, the switch toggles the EQ between the two channels, allowing one tone for playing the foundation, and another that can be dialed in for soloing.

The Micro is not voiced toward a scooped EQ, but instead sounds more neutral. It’s something that might require a little getting used to for electric bass, but sounds right at home on acoustic. In either case, there is enough EQ range to dial in whatever you are after. At first glance, the Micro’s DI looks like a standard 1/4" line out jack, but the manual clarifies that the DI jack is a tip-ring-sleeve, balanced out. This allows a breakout cable to convert from a TRS plug to the usual XLR that’s found on most bass amps. Finally, there’s a handy Mute button on the front that defaults to muting your sound when powering up—very convenient for avoiding stray notes as you get started.

At $675, this amp provides plenty of power, the handy dual-channel EQ capability, and one of the smallest footprints you’re likely to come across.

Street $675