Walnut Creek, CA(September 23, 2010) -- A/DA is back in the musical instrument market with its first reissue product, the renowned A/DA Flanger. The Reissue A/DA Flanger is built by hand in California, the same way it was in 1979 using the original all-analog signal path, including old stock Panasonic (Matsushita) bucket brigade devices because they deliver a warmer, richer sound. Most current flanger manufacturers use bucket brigade devices made by other manufacturers which lack the Panasonic quality and cannot (in single delay path configuration) achieve the "over-the-top' sound of the A/DA Flangers.

True “hardwire” bypass and through-hole design, using full-size carbon film resistors and precision polyester film capacitors, are incorporated to get the widest Sweep, the shortest Delay, and the massive metallic resonance that hallmark the A/DA. The unique Even/Odd Harmonics allows you to emphasize a boomy bottom or “cup” a radical “out-of-phase” pickup tone to get dynamic punch and radical tonal shaping of your guitar signal. The Threshold allows you to gate the effect and drop out the delayed signal at very low levels to reduce noise. Available now at U.S. retailers, selected foreign retailers and online.

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Source: Premier Guitar