Wilsonville, OR(January 14, 2011) -- The CabGrabber from Audix now has a new accessory which gives it even more flexibility. The Audix BOOM-CG is a boom arm that attaches to the CabGrabber or CabGrabber-XL making virtually any miking position possible. The boom arm features a steel adjustable rod that enables the CabGrabber to extend up to an additional 12 inches for a wide variety mic placement options on your guitar or bass cabinet.

The BOOM-CG simply screws on to the adjustable angled arm of the CabGrabber or CabGrabber-XL and can be moved into a variety of positions by the twist of a thumbscrew.

The BOOM-CG will be available for MSRP of $20. The CabGrabber, designed for combo amps between 8-14” in depth, is $65 MSRP and the CabGrabber-XL, designed for oversize cabs with depth of 14-20”, is $75 MSRP.

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