Houndstooth Construction

1. The ABS 3D-printed mold is filled with three-part liquid foam. Once the foam is cured it is released. 2. A simple spinning jig was made to hold the foam buck while the CNC flame-maple houndsteeth are plugged into position. 3. An epoxy and ebonized wood dust mixture is frosted in between the flame-maple houndsteeth. 4. The cured ebonized material is then shaped and faired to flow with the maple teeth. 5. It worked! The foam is knocked out and the houndstooth rim becomes freestanding. 6. Next the interior surface is faired to a perfect surface for the carbon fiber laminations. 7. The carbon fiber is laid in, painstakingly faired, and polished to perfection. 8. Voila! A one-of-a-kind, parabolic Dagmar body binding.