Here's a look at some of the gear we were checking out today.. more details and gear demos coming very soon!

Way Huge Angry Troll Linear Boost Amplifier prototype. The Volume control sets the boost level, while the "Anger" control sets the level of internal clipping.

From Dunlop, the CAE MC-404 Wah features dual Fasel inductors with distinct voices to choose from, a built-in MXR MC-401 Boost/LineDriver, and internal pots for "Q" and gain adjustment.

Guitar Hangers

Kirk Hammett Signature Dunlop Cry Baby

JMI Amplification

El Dorado Straps pickguard & hardware

Mesa Boogie unveiled the Mark V and the ElectroDyne (pictured). Demos of these amps coming very soon.

T-Rex's new pedals (l to r, top row): Tonebug Reverb, Tremonti Phaser, Gristle King
Gristle DGTM, Tonebug Overdrive and Gristle Luxury Drive.

Tech 21's SanAmp Classic 20 (left), celebrating the company's 20th anniversary. The pedal is relic'd to look like the very first SansAmp ever made (right).

Michael Tobias Design Saratoga Bass

Yamaha 40th Anniversary The FG Acoustic

Yamaha 40th Anniversary SBG3000, limited to 40 instruments, retail price under $3k

Red Witch Famulus Distortion