Photos and text via Gibson:

A heartbreaking reality for many guitarists was to find that many of the beautiful creations from Gibson USA were too damaged to be recovered. However since the flood Gibson USA has stepped in with ramped up production and superior artist relations efforts to insure every Gibson player has what they need to perform in the future.

In order to quickly salvage some of the operations conducted at Gibson USA and to get people back to work, various facets of assembly were relocated. The photo above shows of the pickup assembly line that has been moved to the old Gibson Custom shop building. Gibson USA was proud to keep production underway during the rebuild of the plant.

Only several days after the flood, Gibson USA's Rough Mill, which sits at a higher elevation, was able to get up and running once more.

By mid-May many machines in Gibson USA were being inspected, temporary duct work was being run, floors were being cleaned and whole areas are being cleared of contaminated materials. New equipment, production facilities and overall production schedules are quick to put Gibson USA in business with stronger opportunities than ever before and a guarantee that all new product being produced from Gibson USA is the finest in every way.

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Source: Press Release