Nashville, TN(September 30, 2009) -- As noted inour original articleand on theblogs, Gibson has removed every trace of new Jimi Hendrix related content from their websites. The interview with Janie Hendrix is gone, along with a product page for the Baldwin Custom Hendrix Grand and the photos from the production line Gibson posted of S-style guitars being made in their USA shop.

Anyone clicking on a link to these pages is greeted with this error:

While we can only speculate the cause for pulling these items (see ourprevious article's near-300 commentsfor a possible motive), we're completely in the dark about what this means for the products. It looked as though Gibson had put a considerable amount of development into the products, and we'll be interested to see if they are simply abandoned, or if they are rolled out in a much more discrete fashion.

Thanks to the archival nature of the internet, we are able to share the photos in case you missed them:

We will keep you updated on any further developments.