PG's Chris Burgess is On Location in Frankfurt, Germany, for Musikmesse '09 where he visits the Marshall Amplification booth. In this video segment, we get to check out the recently announced Haze Series, which features a 15 watt head (MHZ15) and a 40 watt combo (MHZ40C). The 15 watt head comes with 3-ECC83 preamp and 2-6V6 power amp valves, a traditional Marshall EQ section (Bass, Middle, Treble), two channels (Clean and Overdrive) and a channel-spanning Bright function. The accompanying Marshall cabs feature specially-designed Celestion Marquee (G12T-66) speakers. While many of the same features are included in the 40 watt combo, it does feature EL34 valves, a Presence control, extra effects (Echo, Vibe and Chorus), a Line Out for loudspeaker emulation and a feature that saves all effect settings for each channel and are recalled when switched back and forth. The Haze Series amp offerings should be in stores soon.