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Gibson's new Les Paul Junior Double Cutaway bass has a mahogany body and neck, a 30 1/2" scale, a Corian nut, Grover Shamrock tuners, and TB Plus neck and TB mini-humbucker bridge pickups.

The new 30 1/2"-scale Gibson Thunderbird Short Scale has a mahogany body, a 3-point adjustable bridge, Grover tuners, TB Plus pickups, and two Volumes and one Tone knob.

Haussel unveils new vintage-style single-coils with wiring of different colors.

The Jet City AttiTube G20 is powered by EL84s and features Tone and Volume knobs, as well as a 3-way toggle for Naughty, Breezy, and Moody modes--all of which have very chimey British character. The matching 1x12 cab features an equally futuristic-looking design and is loaded with a custom driver.