PG's Joe Coffey is On Location at the 2009 New York Amp Show where he visits the Fuchs Audio Technology booth. In this video segment, we get hear three of Fuchs' newest pedals; Noxious, Tri-Modulator and Verbrator. The Noxious is Black Label Society's Nick Catanese's signature distortion pedal. It includes a fully-adjustable input gain control, amp-like fully interactive Bass, Middle and Treble tone controls and a Master Volume, which is designed not to suck tone. With a low-noise input circuit based on Fuchs' Pure Gain pedal, and an output section that is like a miniature power amplifier, the Noxious can go from a mild to wild overdrive with no problem.

The Tri-Modulator is an chorus, flanger and tremolo pedal built in one small package.

The Verbrator is a new multi-purpose pedal that combines an all-tube effects loop with a studio grade reverb featuring a 32-Khz clock speed for full 16-K audio bandwidth. Not only is it a reverb pedal, but it's an effects loop. It features a level control and decay control allowing you to have a short medium or long decay reverb algorithm.