Anaheim, CA(January 21, 2011) -- Rivera’s Blues Shaman, Double Shaman, and Metal Shaman are uniquely voiced to give guitarists near-mystical control over tone and overdrive, responding to the player’s dynamics and articulation. All three are voiced for specific distortion/overdrive tones, and feature true-bypass footswitching that minimizes coloration to the instrument’s signal when they’re not activated.

The Blues Shaman emulates the tonal and dynamic range of a small tube amp, with buttery warmth and soft clipping in its overdrive. Its Ascension footswitch delivers feisty gain boost, and its Tone control shapes highs while retaining beefy lows. Further tone shaping comes by flipping the Stack/ Combo switch, which emphasizes tones characteristic of compact, open-backed amps or large-volume closed-back speaker stacks.

With two individual footswitch-selectable voices, the Double Shaman offers a vast range of versatile tones, providing distinct, separate texture ranges via its two “destinations,” Austin (for a modern blues-rock vibe) and LA (classic ’80s rock overdrive). Each destination includes its own controls for Level, Tone, and Drive, plus a Stack/Combo selector for maximum sonic flexibility.

Voiced for aggression, the Metal Shaman provides a more overdriven range of textures than its two siblings. Along with controls for Bass, Mid, High, and Gain, it features a “Brutality” switch for widening the bottom end and creating a bigger “aural picture.” The Disintegrate footswitch allows an extra jolt of killer gain boost, and the Level control sets the overall output. A switch-bypassable noise gate with controls for Sensitivity, and Release tames noise that can accompany bare-knuckled amounts of overdrive and distortion.

Constructed of stainless steel with long-life heavy-duty footswitches and rubber feet, these pedals can handle stomping in any environment, whether onstage or in the studio. All three measure 4” x 5” x 2.25” and have striking graphic finishes and LED function indicators. They can be powered by a 9-volt battery or a 9-volt AC/ DC adapter.

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