Minneapolis, MN (April 30, 2013) -- It's every guitarist's dream: You go to a garage sale and find a rare Stratocaster that was just pulled out of an attic-and the price tag reads $50! Its not just a dream; stories like that are true and those believe-it-or-not stories are collected in the new book, THE STRAT IN THE ATTIC: Thrilling Stories of Guitar Archaeology.

Guitar sleuth and music-history detective Deke Dickerson tells the true tales of 50 thrilling rare guitar finds that will make guitarists green with envy. These days, classic vintage guitars can bring Ferrari and Porsche prices. As with automobiles, finding that classic guitar stashed away beneath a bed, in a closet, or hidden away in an attic is the Holy Grail.

A golden Fender Stratocaster hidden away in an attic for 30 years. A sunburst Gibson Les Paul worth $100,000. Jimi Hendrix's Strat burned by the guitarist during a concert-and then mysteriously lost for decades. The mint Fender Broadcaster forgotten under a bed in a neighbor's house. The 1960s Rickenbacker bought for $50 at a garage sale!

“This marvelous book [is] a perfect amalgam of precisely the kind of juicy details and vivid descriptions of rare and idiosyncratic instruments that guitar freaks crave “ - from the foreword by best-selling author Jonathan Kellerman.

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