PG's Joe Coffey is On Location in Nashville, TN, for Summer NAMM '09 where he visits the Visual Sound booth. In this segment, we get to check out three of their newest V2 Series pedals - Vans Warped Distortion, Open Road Overdrive and Truetone Clean Boost.

The Vans Warped Distortion is limited edition pedal that has three basic controls - Grind, Edge, and Loud (translation: Drive, Tone, Volume). The Vans Warped Distortion is definitely geared towards Warped Tour inspired guitarists. The Visual Sound guys were really proud of its grinding, low-end distortion, which is pertinent to a lot of the Warped Tour artists' tone.

Based on Visual Sound's Route 808, the Open Road offers that tone but with a more open sounding, amp-like overdrive with less dominant mid-range. It produces clear low end, sparkling highs and none of the mid-range hump. Open Road features a very interactive tone circuit, effecting not only high-end roll-off, but gain structure as well.

Truetone Clean Boost is a way to push the front end of your tube amp. Then again, it's also a great way to push a good overdrive pedal a bit harder. If you like the tone you already have from another pedal, just put the Truetone after that pedal for a volume boost as the Visual Sound guys said its great for a solo boost or to make a certain part stand out. The Truetone can get up to a 15dB boost, but it runs internally off of 27V - so all of that boost is clean. They bump up the voltage inside the pedal, rather than requiring use of a special external power supply.