Hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, these completely handmade, hand-painted pedals are “born out a desire for honesty in tone, construction, aesthetic and price too.” If you’re looking for a ruggedly-built pedal with a set of ethics to boot (lead-free components when possible, no outsourcing, a commitment to brick-and-mortar dealers), step on to Heavy Electronics.

photography Adam Moore/Make n’ Music, Chicago, IL

For more information, visit heavyelectronics.com

Heavy Electronics Radio Havana
Lo-fi at your fi ngertips. This discrete pedal lives to fi nd odd frequencies in your signal and pushes them to the forefront, giving you a tone reminiscent of a transistor radio. Try it on bass, or combine it with the Voltage Starve Circuit for even more eccentricity.
Heavy Electronics Red Eyes
A gritty overdrive featuring a 6-way voicing fi lter that sweeps the signal from low to high, so you can fi nd the perfect compliment for your amp. Clipping LEDs in the eyes light while you play for added drama.
Heavy Electronics Descend
A clean channel for gain fanatics. Enjoy a calculated, precise volume reduction with the click of a button, all without ruining your core tone. A 3-way voicing function gives users the option of a treble increase or a minimal decrease.
Heavy Electronics Ascend
A refi ned one knob clean boost, providing you with clarity and power. Also features the innovative Voltage Starve Circuit, which adds compression and warms up the lower mids in your signal.