Anaheim, CA(March 14, 2008) - Here''s something new and old from Martin -- a new Ben Harper guitar and some classic 1930s guitars reproduced with painstaking detail.

The HM Ben Harper Special is an M shape with an Adirondack spruce top, a mahogany neck and a Fishman Ellipse Matrix Blend system. The guitar is versatile enough to serve as the go-to instrument for a performer known for jumping from blues to folk to jazz to reggae to soul within a single set. Performer-driven appointments are everywhere. One of our favorites: the neck''s satin finish.

New to Martin''s Authentic Series are the 1937 D-18 and the 1937 OOO-18. This series recreates these classics with every authentic detail imaginable: materials, specs, building processes, you name it.

The OOO-18 features the era''s mahagony blocks/dovetail neck joint and the old style 18 rosette. The guitar has an Adirondack Spruce top and a mahogany back, sides and neck. It also has the era''s standard X scallop (forward shifted) bracing.

The D-18 features similar construction in the classic dreadnought shape. The headplate is solid Brazilian rosewood in the larger Golden Era style. The old style 18 position inlays are Abalone Pearl. The neck is reinforced with a non-adjustable T-bar.


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