Anaheim, CA(February 20, 2008) - Yes, we still have TONS of new gear from NAMM to show you. Here''s the latest from EMG:

TheEMG-81TW. Based on the EMG-81, which is noted for its aggressive crunch and blistering highs, the 81-TW gives you the option of selecting either single or dual coil mode. It''s a 9-volt active pickup with its dual active preamps allows for higher gain and more output in either mode, without sacrificing tonal response and dynamic feel -- all in a virtually noiseless environment. 

TheEMG-PAis based on their venerable P-Bass pickup but uses alnico magnets to provide a more organic and lively sound, while retaining the quietness EMG active pickups are known for. 9-volt active, available in white or black.

TheEMG-707TW is based on the company’s 707 model for 7-string guitars, but offers the versatility of either single or dual coil modes. This 9-volt active pickup utilizes alnico pole pieces and has dual active preamps, too. You get higher gain and more output in either mode but without sacrificing tonal response or dynamic feel in a virtually noiseless environment.

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