Name:Robby Z
Years played:40
Home turf:SF Bay Area
Current/former bands:Shane Dwight Band ( Have also played with Marshall Tucker Band, Brad Gillis of NightRanger, Coco Montoya and many others)
First guitar:1966 Sears Silvertone9
Favorite guitar:1966 Fender Stratocaster, also Fender (John Cruz) Masterbuilt Strat
Favorite amp: 1967 Fender Pro Reverb
Favorite effect:Original Ibanez TS-9 Tube Screamer
Favorite strings:Ernie Ball
Favorite cable:Monster
What’s your philosophy on tone?Do everything you can to find the exact tone you crave. And that tone might -- and should -- vary from song to song.

"I have collected tons of guitars over the years and currently own over 300 vintage guitars -- everything from fifties Strats and Teles, to 1959 Sparkle Top Goyas, to forties and fifties Gibson archtops. My main love at this time are sixties Custom Color Jaguars and Jazzmasters."

''65 Jaguar and ''64 Jazzmaster, both Sea Foam Green and in pristine condition

"I purchased both of these guitars basically from the original owners, and both have pictures of the original owners playing them 40-some years ago and recently. I love guitars that you know the entire history of...especially Sea Foam Green ones."

''54, ''55, ''56 and ''57 Stratocasters - 100% original and in pristine condition

"I love these Strats -- especially because I paid so little for them 20 or more years ago."

''64 Fiesta Red Jaguar, ''65 Fiesta Red Jazzmaster and ''62 Fiesta Red Stratocaster