Guest picker and blues bassist Danielle Nicole.

Photo by Missy Faulkner

Blues bassist Danielle Nicole chimes in with PG staff and reader John Seabolt on what amazes them about their favorite guitarists.

Question: What about your favorite guitarists make them great?

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Rig Rundown: Fontaines D.C.'s Carlos O'Connell & Conor Curley

Carlos O’Connell deforms his guitar with an unusual ordering of shapeshifting stompboxes, while Conor Curley embraces jangling and kerranging melodies on his hollowbody howlers. Together, they combine for a charming, chaotic chemistry.

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Although he has no intentional appetite for destruction, our columnist worries about trashing his rather fragile Yamaha SA-15D.

Our columnist has a habit of accidentally breaking things, so when he came across this seemingly fragile Yamaha, he was a bit nervous.

Early fall is just about my favorite time of year. I love putting on flannels and sweatshirts and nestling in on Saturdays and Sundays to watch football! Recently, it’s been extra exciting. My son has been playing football for the past three years, and he’s been practicing, conditioning, and living and breathing the sport all summer. Now that the games have begun, he’s been really cracking heads and coming home with all sorts of nicks and dings. He currently has a nice lump-like bruise on his forearm and a facemask-bar bruise on his triceps!
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