Bob says, "The M Series was my first VA, and I''ll never get rid of it." His wife, Jennifer, along with his family bought him this first guitar and the rest was history. "Anytime a new one shows up at the door (without her knowing prior to it showing up), I always look at her and say ''What do you want, you started it!''"

Three Custom Pros: (L to R) Tele with solid mahogany, herringbone binding and interlock neck; transparent black with quilted maple, signed by McGuire; and pearl purple

Three more Custom Pros: (L to R) transparent purple with flamed maple, 7/8s, signed by McGuire; pearl white with logo on body; transparent teal, 7/8s, black hardware

(L to R) Custom Pro - black, 7/8s, logo on body; John Crawford (Berlin) bass guitar; Custom Pro Interlock Prototype (serial number 1)

Two Standard Pros: (L to R) white with black headstock, spotless; black with original natural headstock

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