AC/DC''s Black Ice Review

from Rolling Stone

Noone besides AC/DC, can write so many great rock and roll songs about rock and roll. They have been churning out no-bull rock for 30 years and prove it with this new album .

How much more black could this ice could be? 

The answer is none, none more black.

Taylor Infuses Music and US History

from Market Watch

Taylor Guitars and Jason Mraz team up to release the limited-edition Liberty Tree T5 Guitar. Only fifty will be made; one for each state. The wood for these guitars comes from a tree with a very interesting history, and is where the guitars got their name.

Line 6 Announces Family of Recording Interfaces

from Market Watch

Line 6 announced the POD Studio family of USB Hardware interfaces which feature POD Farm Plug-in, new POD tone, and more pro software, all to bring better tone to recording guitar artists.   

It''s all in the family.