Working for Calluses


Ignoring the fact that is essentially trying to sell you a product, there are some tips here to build calluses quickly. They''re by no means new suggestions, but certainly helpful for smooth-fingered players nonetheless.

The Journey of an Xotic Guitar

from Xotic

You may have noticed by surfing around our site that we like factory tours. Well, Xotic has put one up on their website. Though it''s really more of a slideshow, and doesn''t show that much of the factory, it''s still cool to see the stages that a guitar goes through.

Guitarist Bloggers

from Various Sources

Doesn''t everyone blog now? A couple of the most regularly updated blogs by guitarists include John Mayer''s and Pete Townshend''s. You have to be a "member" of to get "full access" to Pete''s blog, but the free "limited" access gets his points across as well.