cell phones at shows

Cell Phones at Shows

from Dallas Morning News/Boston Herald

Okay, so it''s kinda cool the first time you look out during a show and see someone using a cell phone to grab a quick shot or a video clip of you and your crew rocking out. And then it gets really old, really fast. Are cell phones actually ruining the concert experience?

Guitar Thief Sentenced

from the Chicago Tribune

Here''s what happens when you steal an eighties Strat Elite, a Charvel Surfcaster and an Ibanez AR.

mick mars

Mick Mars Palimony Lawsuit

from KNBC

Blah blah blah Mick Mars blah blah blah lawsuit. Aren''t you glad you aren''t famous enough to have the media write about your palimony troubles?

In other news, Crue kicks off a 40-date tour July 1st.