Economic Downturn Good for Music

from Wall Street Journal

The plunging economy and souring national mood isn''t such a bad thing, notes a letter writer to the WSJ. The last time this happened, in the late ''60s and early 70s, we got some of the best music ever made. Are we on the verge of another ass-kicking, rock revival?

Ron Wood Hitting Bottom?

from the Mercury News/Philly Inquirer/Daily Telegraph

The Daily Telegraph (UK) paints a bleak picture of the Stones'' guitarist''s current situation.  Either that, or this fourth generation passing of information involves completely false accusations and mischaracterizations that the pesky internet seems to continue to circulate without just cause. Damn interwebs.

Hendrix Backed Stills?

from a Wired blog

Rumors fly regarding the much-circulated bootleg and now soon-to-be-released, long-lost recordings of Jimi Hendrix backing Stephen Stills on guitar and bass.